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October the 1st: An Announcement!

As many of you know, I don't have a lot of time on my hands. Between teaching classes, taking class and doing class reading, I don't have a lot of time to concentrate on funding for India. So I had a light bulb this week.

One of my fellow travelers, Ashley, is learning to be a photographer, and is taking portraits of people for a donation to her trip, and that is her main source of fundraising for the trip.

Now, many of you know, I enjoy photography, so much so that I bought myself a DSLR this summer, and I have been learning how to use it. It is, of course, traveling to India with me, and I will probably have a couple thousand photos to sort through once I get back.

So, what am I to do with very little time, a nice camera, and a ton of photos that I'll have when I get back?

Photo books, of course!

I am announcing today, October the 1st, that for everyone who donates $35 or more (and this is retroactive too), I will make a photobook of my India photos. This means, of course, that you will have an awesome memento of my trip, cool looking unique photos that no one else will have , and the knowledge that you helped send me over there to take them!

You can donate in the sidebar on the paypal button, email me at to get my address if you prefer snail mail.

The payment dates have changed, so I now have $1500 due at the end of October instead of $1250 this week. I need to raise about $750 more to be comfortable. So if you want to donate, please do!

(Oh, and yes, that's a sample photo of my photography skill up there).

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