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South Africa 2010?

My freshmen took their final today, and I spent the afternoon grading it. As a result, I haven't had a chance to put together a post until, well, now. So in lieu of a written post to make your eyes hurt more, I'm posting this video that will hopefully challenge you to think about loving your neighbor, and our mission in India. It is two weeks from today that we will be meeting, and two weeks from tomorrow (Sunday) that we actually fly off. CRAZY.

Now, as a short introduction to the video, those of you who know me are already aware that I'm a big football fan. No, not that football - REAL football, as in football that actually involves a ball and feet. We call it soccer here in the States, but everywhere else calls it by its proper name. Anyway, tangent.

South Africa is hosting the 2010 World Cup, and this video, done by a South African celebrity, warns of the increase in sex trafficking that will be made to attempt to meet the demands accompanying an event as huge as The World Cup. It's truly mind-boggling, and something that I, as a football fan, am extremely disheartened by. This evil of trafficking infiltrates even our greatest joys, like seeing England whomp the US in the first round...which will happen. Oh yes, it will.

Invitational Human Trafficking Public Service Announcement from STOP Human Trafficking on Vimeo.

This Public Service Announcement was created by Firestorm Productions on commission by STOP to serve as an invitation to a number of South African celebrities to participate in a similar project. The PSA will be deployed in the form of a viral marketing campaign driving people to STOP's website.

Please go to to make donations to this cause.

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