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listen to this.

"Lover" - Derek Webb (starts at 3:00).

This song came up on shuffle today.

I have nothing more to add except the lyrics. Take a few minutes, listen, and appreciate everything that God - the Great Lover - has done for all of us, and will continue to do.

Like a man comes to an altar, I came into this town
With the world upon my shoulders, and promises passed down.
And I went into the water, my Father, he was pleased.
And I built it and I'll tear it down, so you will be set free.

Yes, and I found thieves and salesmen livin' in my Father's house,
And I know how they got in here, and I know how to get 'em out.
I'm turning this place over from floor to balcony,
Men, just like these doves and sheep, oh, you will be set free

'Cause I have always been a lover, from before I drew a breath
Well some things I loved easy, and some I loved to death.
See love's no politician, cause it listens carefully.
So of those who come, I can't lose one,
So you will be set free, oh, you will be set free.

Go on and take my picture, go on and make me up
I'll still be your defender, and you'll be my missing son
And I'll send out an army just to bring you back to me.
Cause regardless of your brother's lies, oh, you will be set free.

Cause I am my beloved's, and my beloved's mine
So you bring all your history; I'll bring my bread and wine
And we'll have a set party, where all the drinks are on me
And as surely as the rising sun, you will be set free.

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