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Interview with a Trafficker

One thing abolitionists like myself frequently wonder is what it would be like to talk to a trafficker, to hear their side of the story, what could make them enslave one of their fellow human beings, terrifying them and subjecting them to some of the worst terrors. A new documentary has given us that opportunity. Here is a section that is an interview with a trafficker from South Africa who is on the run, not from authorities, but from his own old trafficking ring. What he has to say about 1. The church's role, and 2. The demand created by the World Cup, is important and sobering.

I apologize that parts of it are hard to read, but it's captioned with a weird font and it moves quickly, so you may have to pause occasionally to keep up with what he's saying. It's 7 minutes worth watching. Also, warning: somewhat graphic descriptions of violence are used. Not for the faint of heart.

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