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Special Announcement

I know, I know, I've posted a lot this week.

But if you'll allow me a post to be slightly self-indulgent, I would like to celebrate some recent events in my life with you all!

For those of you who didn't already know, I am in my second year of a Master of Arts program at Baylor University. This is a thesis-track program, meaning that instead of a large test, I write a long paper. Much like a dissertation on a smaller scale, the thesis requires review by a committee, ending in a nerve-wracking event known as a thesis defense. I've spent the semester thus far writing 90 pages of academic critique on Harry Potter.

Yes, you read that right. Harry Potter. My thesis is titled "Harry Potter and the Search for a Church: Spiritual Community and Sacrificial Love in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter Series." Basically, I propose that the wizarding community functions like a church, with love as the higher power. I had a great time writing it, and if you want to read it, I'm perfectly happy to send it along - it won't be available online until about September.

On Monday of this past week - yes, on the Ides of March - I had my thesis defense. I was extremely nervous going in - I think one of my tweets from right before it reads "I'm going to throw up" - but soon relaxed and had a good time answering questions about my work. I enjoy talking about Harry Potter more than almost any other book (though I do love my Cormac McCarthy, too), and, as you know, I love talking about theology, so discussing the Trinity, church community, sin, etc. My defense was!

Judging by that reaction, you can bet that I passed. Indeed, tomorrow, I am going over to the graduate school to turn in the last forms that I have to in order for final approval for graduation. May 15th, 2010, I will be walking across the stage to receive my MA.


Also, I received my contract for my Japan job, which makes that even more official than it already was. Now it's just the visa process, airplane ride, and packing/etc. Goodness.

I lead an absolutely insane life. Period.

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