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Pray For Tennessee

The pictures and video coming out of Tennessee this past week have been horrifying and beautiful in their own ways. For those of you who don't know, Nashville received record rainfall over the weekend, causing flooding throughout the city. The below video has some images from the floods, and gives you a small glimpse of how truly bad it is.

Disasters like this remind me of how truly fragile everything we have is. I think that's why I like storms so much - it's a terrifyingly beautiful reminder of how brief and tenuous our grasp on life is. When things like this come, what matters is not whether or not my stuff is alright, or that my house is destroyed - all of that is just stuff. What matters is whether or not my family and friends are okay, have a good meal to eat and a warm place to sleep.

You can donate to help relief efforts at the Red Cross' website. This is a place right on our home turf, and many friends and family are in the area - Faceless International is headquartered in Franklin, just outside of Nashville. We must help.

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